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Winter 2014

Visit my newly launched WordPress website You can read my news, as well as essays, articles, and sample chapters from my books.

Summer 2013:

I am finishing a new book, Stories from Springer Hill, a memoir about living in the wonderful New England town of Newtown, Connecticut.

My other books:

The Case Files of Detective Laszlo Briscoe:  True Crime in Newtown, CT, 1889-1933  (2008)

The Case Files of Detective Laszlo Briscoe chronicles sixty-three dastardly crimes actually perpetrated in Newtown, Connecticut, between 1889 and 1933; included are murders, arsons, assaults, burglaries, safecrackings, rapes, chicken thefts, even statutory mayhem. Vigilante groups had deep roots in the region: the anonymous White Caps dealt out their own form of justice and the KKK did business on the other side of the law.The five decades of crime covered in the book include both casual acts of thievery and passionate, villainous crimes fueled by insanity, hunger, revenge, jealousy, and greed. These true crimes – all reported in the local papers of the time – are presented by fictional detective Laszlo Briscoe, an investigator and crime diarist who keeps his true-shooting Smith & Wesson revolver at the ready. He offers insightful and sometimes humorous observations that invite the reader to reflect on human nature and the social norms of the times.

The narrator not only documents the criminal acts, but allows the reader to understand the crimes in the context of the eras in which they take place — horse-and-carriage, agrarian, railroads, the advent of the automobile and decline of the resort era, Prohibition, World War I, and the beginning of the Great Depression.

— A Kindle edition is available at or email me if you would like a hardcopy ($20 plus shipping, tax included).

Eleanor Mayer’s History of Cherry Grove Farm (2005)

Sadly, Eleanor Mayer passed away this year and rumor has it this family farm will be sold.  The book is available through the Newtown Historical Society for $20 plus postage (no tax). Write: Newtown Historical Society, …

(editor) The Remarkable Huntingtons: Chronicle of a Marriage by Albert Goodrich and Mary Mitchell.

Anna, a sculptor, married Archer, a bibliophile, Hispanic scholar, poet, businessman, multimillionaire, philanthropist, and above all, a devoted and generous husband. Their remarkable lives unfold through readings of Anna’s diaries.

This book sold out but used copies are available online.

Newspaper articles:

  • I was a regular contributor to The New York Times’ Connecticut Weekly section for four years before the section was eliminated. That was a great and “high profile” opportunity.  What a thrill to see my stories hit “above the fold” of the front page of the section!  I also contributed articles to Fairfield Homes, Housatonic Homes, Horses Monthly, Antiques and the Arts Weekly, Acorn Press, and Fairpress.
  • My favorite job yet was features writer for The Newtown Bee, a weekly newspaper serving the town of Newtown, Connecticut.

Magazine articles:

  • I am advising editor to the literary and arts magazine The Newtowner, our lovely homegrown magazine, which premiered December 1, 2010.  I don’t really do much for that title, but the editors ask me to research things once in a while.
  • I have written articles for Connecticut Magazine, Yankee, Appalachian Trailway News, Twist, Spotlight Magazine, Business Digest, Greenwich Magazine.

You can contact me at

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